List Building

Are you building your list?

One of the major down falls of marketing online is sending your lead (prospect) directly to your offer. Even if you make the sale, you are still behind the proverbial 8 ball.

That persons name and email are worth far more than any commission you can make. Talk about leaving money on the table!

Building your list must be the top priority in building your business. Ever notice how some marketers are able to promote a product and reach the leader boards within 48 hours or less? These marketers have massive lists of leads they have captured through similar systems as the ones I use below.

I can personally tell you that having a list of people who have allowed me the privilege of having their contact information and name is ‘GOLDEN’!

A great opportunity to create a productive and profitable relationship by providing them with good content, free tools, resources.

With these systems I have not only built a constantly growing list of leads, but quite a few down lines that increase my traffic, sales and lead acquisition.  Most safe lists, traffic exchanges, ad and banner promotional sites require credits for use.

As these down lines grow, so do your credits, income, your ability to email more for free as you widen your reach and traffic as your referrals and their referrals  grow, expanding exponentially. No, it’s not a lot of fun until your referral base starts to grow and then it feels good. It’s almost like hitting the gym for a while and suddenly noticing muscle definition and a great feeling of wellness…

Keep in mind that this is work, but this is work that pays exponential dividends as it grows. Each day of dedicated work will free you in ways no ordinary job ever will. Primarily because to succeed online you must create multiple income streams.

Upgrading for me is always designed to increase my residual income streams, when I know they will pay for themselves and contribute to continual growth.


Implement ‘Natural Law’

You can only reap what you sow”.

So let’s explore this example further

  • provide cost effective list building solutions – done
  • building your list while helping others build their list – exponential for you
  • promoting your ads as you help others succeed – Win -Win
  • helping others will put you in a position to be helped (you created positive karma with intent) – Complete implementation of Natural Law