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Your ads constantly in front of responsive eyes is the only way to make money working from home. Tenaciously building lists of leads, friends and eager buyers.

Build your traffic, down lines, sign-ups, and sales with systems that provide Human Traffic! The objective is your ad in front of as many receptive and responsive eyes as possible. Massive, persistent and consistent exposure from every available, affordable resource as possible.

My objective is always to build lists of like-minded people. People I can work with, provide a service, product or share information with. Building relationships is a mutual process! (lol sounds like counseling) So be YOURSELF and you will attract those of like mind.

Set 3 hours a day for 6 days a week to make it happen. Visualize the freedom working from home will feel, smell it, see it in your dreams, and MAKE IT SO – you are marketing to the world!




Inform, motivate and provide value. Leads are interested!


Provide what they want, need and desire!


Buyers will buy again, so be thankful and let them know it!

Here are my consistent producers of traffic. Obviously my favorites! My treasure trove of leads, sales and signups come from my online business partners below.

Safelist marketing has passed the test of time, because It WORKS!

Those Who Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail – Benjamin Franklin

Study your craft, open a few lists and contact emails daily. This is going to be important if you opt to stay as a free member. As you scan your inbox you will be pleasantly empowered by what you will learn when reading various subject titles.

What catches your attention will stimulate your imagination and inspire your own eye-catching subject lines.

Words Have Power!

Enthusiastic sincere subject titles get your ads seen. Read up on motivational words and phrases that make people want to take action. Numerous articles have been written on the subject. Here are a few of many meaningful pages that inspire my ads and subject titles.

When it comes to ad content, remember that less is more! The goal is to get your site seen… Focus on your subject title lines, and then create a simple and concise offer.

Do yourself a favor, once you write your short text email ad. Pick a banner or eye-catching jpg. and duplicate the ad in HTML format. I use ‘notepad’ to save all my HTML. email ads.

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