GARLIC is a great seasoning for meat, fish, and soups. It is great for the digestive system and keeps the coats of the stomach healthy. Everyone is familiar with GARLIC powder and you will often find it as an ingredient in seasoning salts. Start using organic GARLIC and use it naturally in order to obtain its maximum benefits.

What about the smell?
Well, if this has been a major obstacle for you, here’s a simple remedy. Cloves, go to your local natural health food store and ask them for a bottle of organic internal Clove liquid. Ten to twelve drops (depending on what you buy, read the bottle) in a glass of water will deodorize you from the inside out and resolve that issue.


This is a standard for my home and in the homes of many fiends of mine. You will be amazed at the results if you implement this in your own lifestyle. It is stated that during an outbreak of infectious fever in certain poor quarters of London, early last century, the French priests who constantly used GARLIC in all their dishes, visited the worst cases with impunity, whilst the English clergy caught the infection, and in many instances fell victims to the disease.

Take 1 complete GARLIC Bulb peel it and place it in a blender or food processor with half a glass of distilled water. Once this is done pour it into a gallon bottle and fill it with warm distilled water and refrigerate (or not). Shake and drink 2 cups a day. You can mix it with some lemon juice and you can also add it to soups, broth, and sauces. This will enhance your immune system tremendously.


Syrup of GARLIC is an invaluable medicine for asthma, hoarseness, coughs, the difficulty of breathing, and most other disorders of the lungs, being of particular virtue in chronic bronchitis, on account of its powers of promoting expectoration.

It is made by pouring a quart of water, boiling hot, upon a pound of the fresh root, cut into slices, and allowed to stand in a closed vessel for twelve hours, sugar then being added to make it of the consistency of syrup. Vinegar and honey greatly improve this syrup as a medicine. A little caraway and sweet fennel seed bruised and boiled for a short time in the vinegar before it is added to the GARLIC will cover the pungent smell.


Add finely sliced cloves of organic GARLIC to your toss salads.


    Bruised organic GARLIC mixed with goose fat, it has been proved to relieve whooping-cough if rubbed on the chest and between the shoulder-blades.

A few bruised bulbs, given before and after every meal, has been considered to have a good effect in epilepsy

A clove or two of organic GARLIC pounded with honey and taken two or three nights in a row is good in rheumatism.

Recipe #1 will cover many different ailments, but implementing various uses of organic GARLIC will enhance the benefits. The key is to get GARLIC in your system often.

Also please keep in mind that these are old remedies that have passed the test of time and may not be in accordance with modern medicine.

We trust the Creator much more than we trust the created.

Organic GARLIC has no toxins and unlike synthetic antibiotics – You will never develop an immunity to its healing benefits.

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