The name “GARLIC” comes from Old English garleac, meaning “spear leek.” Dating back 6,000 years plus, it is native to Central Asia, and has long been very common to the Mediterranean region, as well as a frequent seasoning in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, Spain, Italy and numerous countries in Europe.

GARLIC is the only antibiotic that can actually kill infecting bacteria and at the same time protect the body from the poisons that are causing the infection, thus making it Natures Ultimate Antibiotic. Not only an antibiotic but GARLIC is also antifungal and a great antioxidant that has been found to inhibit tumor cell formation. It also improves circulation, maintains healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. By, the way let’s not forget to mention the alleged aphrodisiacal powers of GARLIC which have been extolled throughout the ages.

It is a known fact that the most sensitive bacterium to GARLIC is the deadly Bacillus anthracis which produces the poison anthrax. Even the forefather of antibiotic medicine Louis Pasteur acknowledged GARLIC to be an extremely effective antibiotic. Some years later GARLIC was shown to have similar activity as penicillin. One medium clove of GARLIC can equal the antibacterial action equivalent to 1% penicillin (WOW). Later scientific studies showed similar reactions to more modern antibiotics including chloramphenicol.

One very significant advantage GARLIC has over modern medications is that the body does not seem to build up a resistance to it as it does to many modern antibiotics. This also makes it potentially effective nutrient for people who work with the public, like hospitals, daycare facilities, and malls where superbugs tend to be.

Even the blood of GARLIC eaters can kill bacteria and it is also reported that the vapor from freshly cut GARLIC can kill bacteria at a distance of 20 cms!!-WOW! Whooping-Cough, Epilepsy, Asthma and the common cold were all successfully treated with GARLIC in the past.

Another once common, and apparently returning disease, tuberculosis was treated with GARLIC very successfully as the invading organism Mycobacterium tuberculosis is sensitive to several of the sulfur components found in GARLIC.

Although GARLIC directly attacks bacteria and viruses, it also stimulates the body’s natural defenses enhancing the immune system against foreign invaders. GARLIC also increases the activity of white blood cells and T-helper cells (natural killer cells), the cells that are central to the activity of the entire immune system. Our Creator did a great job with this particular member of the onion family.

GARLIC has been reported to be more effective than penicillin against typhus disease and works well against strep, staph bacteria, and the organisms responsible for cholera, dysentery, and enteritis.

If GARLIC has all these benefits, why aren’t doctors and hospitals recommending it for their patients? In many other countries, they are highly recommended, but not in the United States. 

One reason is that medical doctors do not get enough nutritional instruction or herbal medicine in their training and may be unaware of GARLIC’s benefits. Another reason is that it may sound too simplistic to them. A third reason is that pharmaceutical manufacturers do not recommend GARLIC (would lower their profit margins).

Perhaps modern allopathic physicians concentrate more on alleviating symptoms, and surgery rather than the prevention of illness, promoting healing through better nutrition and healthier lifestyles. However, that may be more the responsibility of the individual than the doctor, validating the need for this website.

But the over-riding consideration may be that GARLIC, like all-natural plants, is already in a perfect consumable state. It must be extremely difficult to improve upon perfection.

Note: We are not doctors and are simply providing you with positive information about GARLIC that we implement in our own lifestyle with great success. The scientific research and the tests of time acknowledge the truth of what is provided by this website.

We choose to trust the product of the Creator versus the product of the created.

GARLIC can interfere with the operation of some medical drugs, in particular, anti-coagulants. Talk to your doctor about your dietary habits first before entering a hospital.