The Autoresponder

The Autoresponder is one the most important tools of list building. Essential to maintaining and sustaining continuous growth.

Time to get serious! Time to Create!

You will want to avoid spam complaints so check your pre-written emails prior to posting them. I recommend you create 60 emails at the very least.


Keep your content brief and informative. Write with intention, understanding that this is about building relationships. A joke, a quote, important relevant information – like what’s working or not working… Share the love!

The reciprocity principle is one of the basic laws of social psychology: It says that in many social situations we pay back what we received from others. In other words, if John does you a favor, you’re likely to return it to him.

We all reap what we sow – therefore plant with positive and loving intentions

Do Not Use Free autoresponder services, they are notoriously unreliable and ultimately hurt your branding with the inserted ads – (What you thought it was free)

jMailer Pro has provided me a consistent high delivery rate, outstanding customer service, use of my own domain (branding) and proven to be the most cost effective autoresponder for me.

Properly establishing a solid foundation is required to build anything with sustained longevity. Automation is a very important phase. That is why you should start with a jMailer Pro.

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