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Let’s make this clear – Google is On Top when discussing search engines.

However, there are many search engines on planet! Much like the telephone companies they share information, networks, and resources. Search engine companies get purchased, mergers take place and well you see where that’s going.

Now, I am no authority on all the nuances of SEO, the rules change and I have much better things to do with my time. There are various tools and plugins that will analyse your site and tell you what to do. To have your site on as many sites, directories, engines, and market specific blogs targeting your key word phrases is the goal.Submit your URL to as many search engines and directories as possible. This can only help you with free traffic, currently being called organic traffic.

Free Major Search Engine Submission Sites 2016
Gigs Blast
Yahoo! Search

What happens when you submit your URL.

Crawling & Indexing
Search engines use web crawlers, search engine spiders and now big data – all searching for relative content. Evaluating, categorizing, indexing, storing and ignoring content according to the parameters they create. Cool thing is we are talking about the world wide web. So even if the rules change here, they did not change over there, there or there.
ezbizpro_keywor_phrases_optConsider how you search for items. Invest time in watching conduct their searches, ask others and pay attention. You definitely want to use the words and phrases that will index your sites where you want them – your niche.

Additional information can be found below the list for your educational pleasure.

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66 Free Search Engine Submission Sites

1. Excite Directory
2. 1 Inspirational Quotes
3. What U Seek
4. Jayde
5. Exact Seek
7. Anoox
8. Searchsight
9. Viesearch
10. A1 Web Directory
11. Search Sonicrun
12. Mastermoz
13. Elite Sites Directory
14 . Surf Safely
15. Pi Series
16. Intel Seek
17. Kiwidir
19. 247 Web Directory
20. Black Absolute
21. 9 Sites
22. R Directory
23. Nexus Directory
24. Site Listings
26. Prior Directory
27. Ezi Street
28. Business Seek
29. One Million Directory
30. Illumirate
31. Synergy Directory
32. Gigablast
33. Gain Web
34. Directory Fire
35. Triple W Directory
36. Polypat
37. Tower Search
38. Splat Search
40. Gheto Search
41. Feedplex
42. Claymont
43. Boitho
44 . Submission Web Directory
45 . Synergy Directory
46 . Online Society
47 . GainWeb
48 . Intelseek
49 .
50 . Prior Directory
51 . Cipinet
52 .
53 .
54 .
55 . YooFindIt
56. One Mission
57. Somuch
58. Ghetosearch
59. Freeprweb Directory
60. Web World Index
61. Link Centre
62. Directory Free
63. Info Listings
64. Online Society
65. Info Tiger
66. Scrub The Web


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