Safelist Reviews


Safelist email campaigns can be very effective. Below you will find my safelist reviews for you edification. I am a free member of all of them in order to properly evaluate them from a work at home beginner perspective.

Determining which are the most effective is a matter of individual testing and monitoring. I have used many short url sites, but I have found google’s the most reliable and effective. Create a spreadsheet so you can monitor your clicks of each mailing, subject line and short url.

The following safelist review is based on my personal opinion and results. It will be continuosly updated and as in all things you should rely on your own results. It is important to say, if you want your emails opened. You must open emails, if short on time focus on the ones sent to your contact email account, they have the greatest value.

Now before we get started there are a few things that must be done in advance

STEP 1   Join this site to get additional bonus codes that may be available. These guys specialize in providing bonus codes for safelists and traffic exchanges. A great tool to maximize free usage.

STEP 2  Go to, create yourself a few gmail accounts. My recommendation is 4 gmail accounts.

1. Personal, paypal and important emails
2. Contact email for safelists, your solos will come here
3. Safelist account for respectable lists
4. Safelist account for the 10 credit – cheapos

Take the time to create filters and whitelist your productive safelists. Keep them out of the spam bucket. We must all help protect these quality lists in order to keep them productive for ourselves.

HERCULIST      5 star

This is my favorite for the following reasons. Herculist has been around a very long time. Not full of a lot of frills but what they offer has alue. Free members are allowed 1,000 emails per day without using credits. I have seen some of the best subject lines out this list. Great educational tool with credit options and great solo campaign offers. Test Herculist with a good subject line and you should be pleasantly surprised.


Part of the Herculist family. Just like in nature, birds of a feather – flock together.
These guys have awesome solos offers also. Another productive safelist I use often.

List Volta    5 star

Third member of the Hercuist family that consistently produces outstanding results. Another economical source of solo ads.


This list allots ample credits for reding regular emai emails and up to 1000 for solos. The hits are good and it is a great producer. Like Target Safelist – do your homework and see what they are sending you. Your subject line has got to be on point. Another class act worth joining and keeping.

ADTACTICS     4 star

I like AdTactics Safelist because my results have been favorable and even after my email campaigns the hits keep coming. Incoming emails are usually worth 100 credits and solo’s are worth more. This has allowed me to continue mailings with a modest opening of the incoming emails.


This another very productive Safelist. This safelist has a very selective base. If you want your emails opened here, you must do your homework and study what they are sending you. Subject lines must be direct or inspire curiosity. They have 300 point emails and that is good for beginners who are not ready to upgrade.

 SAFELIST PRO     4 star

Class act! Response is good and they have many tools available. 40 plus credits on the emails and numerous options to get additional credits. You can even earn an upgrade, which is a great business practice.

TEXT AD PROFIT   3.5 star

While I am not big on text ads as being real effective. Text Ad Profit has put together a very nice package of tools and resources. Providing 100 credits, a biggie and some very sweet solo ad packages that are affordable. It’s funny how the effective safelists make alliances with each other. Birds of a feather, flock together. I like these guys, so far! Will upgrade the rating based on the results. (Jury is still out)


Response was good and the hits were decent. But 10 points per email, frankly sucks. In order to use this safelist you must upgrade or buy credits. There is no way you are going to be able to use this safelist as a free member. So, my recommendation is sign up maximize with bonus codes, and save it for a special campaign. Ten credits per email from any safelist is just a bad deal. Smells greedy to me.


Just like Mister Safelist, definitely worth saving for a special pre-tested campaign. As I said before 10 credits per open email is not good business.

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