Lessons Learned in 2017


ezbizpro.net has now been online for 16 months!
Averaging 1898 – 2100 hits a day from all around this world, Cool…

I was in the process of updating the site title year from 2017 to 2018 and
it made me reflect.

Lessons Learned

– Be careful what you promote! BitMiner, Bit Brain and the Bitcoin
Ph APP took me for a loop. Paid well for that education. The financial
loss is nothing compared to the knowledge that I have led other lambs
to slaughter. Sorry!

We all reap what we sow! Natural Law

I almost feel sorry for the fools who continuosly resort to fraudulant
activities. Dumb Shmucks! Nobody escapes natural law – no one gets
out alive! To make it worse they end up spending all the stolen money
running – always on the run…

Initially I was going to complie a list for you all, but found it’s been done.
My list is full of companies that no longer exist – Shmucks are gone!

This list courtesy of InfinityTrafficBoost
adsptp.com (Adult content ads & frame breaker)
autobitcoinbuilder.com (Stopped paying out)
bbmoney.club (Doesn’t pay)
bitcashminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
bitcoin-maker.biz (Doesn’t pay)
bitcoingenerator.com.ru (Doesn’t pay)
bitminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
bitsminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
btcminer.services (Doesn’t pay)
btcprominer.life (Doesn’t pay)
ethminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
futmoney.win (Doesn’t pay)
globalwealthassistance.net (Ponzi, doesn’t pay anymore)
icoinprosuccess.com (Pyramid scheme)
kryptomachine.com (Doesn’t pay)
laser.online (Ponzi scheme)
ltcminer.com (Doesn’t pay)
ltcminer.io (Doesn’t pay)
osmium.center (Ponzi scheme)
qoinpro.com (Doesn’t pay)
startminer.com (Doesn’t pay)
xutmoney.loan (Doesn’t pay)

Better to have a list of current Shmucks! Stay Safe…

– Providing quality advertising always does well
– Creating cryptocurrency wealth is currently a global reality
– We all share this globe so we should always think globally
– Our time is unique and Our time is now

Finally, I have this quote in my head that plays constantly.
Unfortunately, I do not know the author of this quote, nevertheless
I will share it with you. My desire is to inspire you to take

Do it here or elsewhere, but get busy doing something because
working from home is not an option, it is a survival tactic!

“The greatest risk a person can take, is to do nothing”

To your online success!
Jesse The ezbizpro

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