I Can And Will…

Sitting here watching the children play with their Christmas toys.

Observing the intensity and imagination they dedicate to play.
No hesitation and no doubt, despite the numerous tumbles and falls.

I’m getting better right?

Failure is not even a consideration, they know they can and will.
Each one wanting to lovingly share the joy of learning and discovery.

Buelo, buelo, buelo – watch! Wait I can do it – watch me.
Echo’s of “my turn, look over here… Watch this”…

The joy I feel watching them is immeasurable, and my desire to
provide them a quality life full of love and opportunity intensifies

The day ends and everyone goes home. I am glad for the respite but
the silence is suddenly stunning.

The news is on and I listen to the childish antics of the fool we
currently call president. Annoyed by his hostile childish tweets
that would merit immediate discipline if any of my children would
publicly display such lack of character and integrity.

My country is not a country, it is a massive global corporation that
views us as assets.

Remembering the history I have read, I see that, “oppression breeds
resistance”. So, how do I resist without making myself a target?
How do I free myself, my loved ones and my friends?

The answer is bitcoin!

This technology was developed for global use, in this period of time!
Bitcoin belongs to us and it is there to be claimed by us…

So is this a global phenom?

If so, how can I confirm this assumption!

It occurs to me the bitcoin ATM machines popping up all around
Atlanta. This triggers a few calls that I needed to make anyway – old
friends and family.

Here is what I found out!

My contacts in New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle and my cousin
Larry who lives in Australia confirm – Bitcoin ATM’s are here.

Needing further confimation I google Bitcoin ATM Locators.

Incredible! See for yourself  BITCOIN ATM MAP  – All around the world!

Yes, bitcoin is the route I must take to accumulate wealth unseen and secure.

Bitcoin is the vehicle of choice I have selected and I encourage you to
investigate for yourself and take action.

I am investing in and promoting USI TECH INTL. because I am making 1%
daily on my investment for a period of 140 days. That’s 140% profit
every 140 days without fail.

When I started my sponsor suggested I purchase 12 or more packages.

Unable to do this at the time, my initial purchase was 3 packages.
A week later I purchased another 3 packages and set up the 100%
rebuy option.

With my promotional efforts and initial investment, I can now actually
see that becoming a bitcoin millionaire is not only attainable but a
reality for me in 2018.

Implementing the lesson I have learned from my granchilren.

I know I can get there and I will!

To your online success!
Jesse The ezbizpro

You can join me here today or you can educate yourself here

Bitcoin – Why – Because You Can & Will!

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